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Stove God Matchbox

Stove God Matchbox


Reproduced from an original linocut.

Long safety matches, approx. 40 per box. Black strike strip on both sides

The Chinese Hearth God Zao Jun was once a living man named Zhang Lang. Too poor to buy food, he sold his wife and turned to begging, One day, begging at the doors of the town, he knocked and was greeted at the home of his former wife and her new husband. She recognised him and took pity on his poverty, so baked him some cakes to eat with money concealed inside them. Unable to contemplate eating such a luxury, Zhang Lang sold the cakes. When he realised his mistake, he threw himself into the fire. His former wife salvaged one of his legs, and used it as a poker, and his mortal remains became Zao Jung, God of the Stove. Zao Jung reports on the behaviour of the humans in his household to the Jade Emperor every year, though his words can be sweetened by smearing honey on his lips.

This matchbox design forms part of my Fire Myths Series collection

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