Tuffit Cleugh (Before).jpg

Tuffit Cleugh (Before) Commission

An early commission.

Tuffit Cleugh (Before)


Tuffit Cleugh (Before)

An early commission. My client wanted a special present for her husband to celebrate his birthday and their new project: a derelict Northumbrian barn.

We wanted to try and capture the essence of the location: wilderness and weather. I went up on my own to get some inspiration, and I stood in front of the barn whilst my boys tumbled about on the grass of high summer, and the wind was gently but insistently buffeting the back of my head. When I came to make the print I wanted to get that feeling across in print.

The lapwings are a nod to the family, looking at their future.

The final design was a two block exclusive edition of 1/1.