Cat Moore Printmaker Portfolio


Portfolio & Commissions

I have divided my portfolio into the three linocut techniques I use: single block, multi-block and reduction. I have included a separate gallery for commissions, which includes some illustration work.

Each technique has its particular charms, quirks, challenges and overall effectiveness. Scroll down and enjoy browsing. Click on each image to learn more about how it was made.


Single Block prints

The simplest method of linocut printmaking, made using one block and (generally) printed in a single colour. Single block prints allow me to explore a wide range of different marks to create the effects of light, dark and texture.

Multi-Block Prints

Using multiple blocks allows for more colours to be laid down in each print, and also leaves potential for different marks - created in each block - to be overlaid and to build up more complex textures. Multi-block prints require careful registration to ensure each layer lines up with the ones laid down before it, but the payoff is a vastly increased versatility in image composition and an unlimited variety of colourways for each image.


Reduction Printmaking

Possibly my favourite technique, reduction printmaking uses a single block to create a multicoloured print. This is done by printing the block in one colour, cutting a little away then overprinting the same block in another colour. Thus, layers of colour and texture are built up on the paper. The technique is certainly challenging - one mistake and the whole edition can be ruined - but the results produced are the most painterly of the linocut printmaking range. Once begun, the edition size cannot be expanded, and any mistakes made during the printing process can lead to a smaller final edition than anticipated at the outset. My reduction editions are often very small as a result.



I love commissions

I find them to be an interesting challenge: mixing my own style and ideas with those of my clients. I love that first meeting of minds, as we work together to finalise the design. Once this is done, we keep talking through the whole process, from cutting through to colour choices and final look and feel.

I offer a variety of commission packages to suit every style, taste and budget. If this is something you’d like to talk further about, drop me a line using the box below and we can chat.